l.b.e.x.RequestsTransport(Transport) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.bugs.tests.externalbugtracker.TestBugzillaXMLRPCTransport, lp.bugs.tests.externalbugtracker.TestTracXMLRPCTransport

An XML-RPC transport which uses requests.

This XML-RPC transport uses the Python requests module to make the request. (In fact, it uses lp.services.timeout.urlfetch, which wraps requests and deals with timeout handling.)

Note: this transport isn't fit for general XML-RPC use. It is just good enough for some of our external bug tracker implementations.

ParametersendpointThe URL of the XML-RPC server.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method setCookie Set a cookie for the transport to use in future connections.
Method request Make an XMLRPC request.
def __init__(self, endpoint, cookie_jar=None):
def setCookie(self, cookie_str):
Set a cookie for the transport to use in future connections.
def request(self, host, handler, request_body, verbose=0):
Make an XMLRPC request.

Uses the configured proxy server to make the connection.

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