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Part of lp.bugs

__init__ module for the externalbugtracker package.
Module base External bugtrackers.
Module bugzilla Bugzilla ExternalBugTracker utility.
Module debbugs Debbugs ExternalBugTracker utility.
Module github GitHub ExternalBugTracker utility.
Module gitlab GitLab ExternalBugTracker utility.
Module mantis Mantis ExternalBugTracker utility.
Module roundup Round ExternalBugTracker utility.
Module rt RT ExternalBugTracker Utility.
Module sourceforge Sourceforge ExternalBugTracker utility.
Package tests No package docstring; 7/7 modules documented
Module trac Trac ExternalBugTracker implementation.
Module xmlrpc An XMLRPC transport which uses requests.

From the __init__.py module:

Class BugNotFound The bug was not found in the external bug tracker.
Class BugTrackerConnectError Exception class to catch misc errors contacting a bugtracker.
Class BugWatchUpdateError Base exception for when we fail to update watches for a tracker.
Class BugWatchUpdateWarning An exception representing a warning.
Class Bugzilla An ExternalBugTracker for dealing with remote Bugzilla systems.
Class DebBugs A class that deals with communications with a debbugs db.
Class DebBugsDatabaseNotFound The Debian bug database was not found.
Class ExternalBugTracker Base class for an external bug tracker.
Class GitHub An ExternalBugTracker for dealing with GitHub issues.
Class GitLab An ExternalBugTracker for dealing with GitLab issues.
Class InvalidBugId The bug id wasn't in the format the bug tracker expected.
Class LookupTree A lookup tree customised for documenting external bug trackers.
Class Mantis An ExternalBugTracker for dealing with Mantis instances.
Class PrivateRemoteBug Raised when a bug is marked private on the remote bugtracker.
Class RequestTracker ExternalBugTracker subclass for handling RT imports.
Class Roundup An ExternalBugTracker descendant for handling Roundup bug trackers.
Class SourceForge An ExternalBugTracker for SourceForge bugs.
Class Trac An ExternalBugTracker instance for handling Trac bugtrackers.
Class UnknownBugTrackerTypeError Exception class to catch systems we don't have a class for yet.
Class UnknownRemoteStatusError The remote bug's status isn't mapped to a BugTaskStatus.
Class UnparsableBugData The bug tracker provided bug data that could not be parsed.
Class UnparsableBugTrackerVersion The bug tracker version could not be parsed.
Class UnsupportedBugTrackerVersion The bug tracker version is not supported.
Function get_external_bugtracker Return an ExternalBugTracker for bugtracker.
def get_external_bugtracker(bugtracker):
Return an ExternalBugTracker for bugtracker.
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