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An ExternalBugTracker for dealing with GitLab issues.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method credentials Undocumented
Method getModifiedRemoteBugs See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteBug See ExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteBugBatch See ExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteImportance See ExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteStatus See ExternalBugTracker.
Method convertRemoteImportance See IExternalBugTracker.
Method convertRemoteStatus See IExternalBugTracker.
Method makeRequest See ExternalBugTracker.
Method _getCollection Yield each item from a batched remote collection.
def __init__(self, baseurl):
def credentials(self):
def getModifiedRemoteBugs(self, bug_ids, last_accessed):
See IExternalBugTracker.
def getRemoteBug(self, bug_id):
See ExternalBugTracker.
def getRemoteBugBatch(self, bug_ids, last_accessed=None):
See ExternalBugTracker.
def getRemoteImportance(self, bug_id):
See ExternalBugTracker.
def getRemoteStatus(self, bug_id):
See ExternalBugTracker.
def convertRemoteImportance(self, remote_importance):
See IExternalBugTracker.
def convertRemoteStatus(self, remote_status):
See IExternalBugTracker.

A GitLab status consists of the state followed by optional labels.

def makeRequest(self, method, url, headers=None, last_accessed=None, **kwargs):
See ExternalBugTracker.
def _getCollection(self, base_page, last_accessed=None):
Yield each item from a batched remote collection.

If the collection has not been modified since last_accessed, yield no items.

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