l.b.b.t.t.FileBugViewMixin : class documentation

Part of lp.bugs.browser.tests.test_bugtarget_filebug View In Hierarchy

Known subclasses: lp.bugs.browser.tests.test_bugtarget_filebug.FileBugViewBaseExtraDataTestCase, lp.bugs.browser.tests.test_bugtarget_filebug.TestFileBugViewBase

Provide a FileBugView subclass that is easy to test.
Class FileBugTestView A simple subclass.
Method setUp Undocumented
Method get_form Undocumented
Method create_initialized_view Create and initialize the class without adaption.
def setUp(self):
def get_form(self, title='Test title', comment='Test comment'):
def create_initialized_view(self, form=None):
Create and initialize the class without adaption.
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