l.b.b.b.BugTaskBatchedCommentsAndActivityView(BugTaskView) : class documentation

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A view for displaying batches of bug comments and activity.
Method offset Undocumented
Method batch_size Undocumented
Method next_batch_url Undocumented
Method next_offset Undocumented
Method has_more_comments_and_activity Return True if there are more camments and activity to load.
Method _event_groups See BugTaskView.

Inherited from BugTaskView:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method page_title Undocumented
Method label Undocumented
Method page_description Undocumented
Method next_url Provided so returning to the page they came from works.
Method cancel_url Provided so returning to the page they came from works.
Method is_duplicate_active Undocumented
Method api_request Undocumented
Method recommended_canonical_url Undocumented
Method information_type Undocumented
Method initialize Set up the needed widgets.
Method userIsSubscribed Is the user subscribed to this bug?
Method render Render the bug list if the user has permission to see the bug.
Method comments Return the bugtask's comments.
Method interesting_activity Undocumented
Method activity_and_comments Build list of comments interleaved with activities
Method visible_initial_comments How many initial comments are being shown.
Method visible_recent_comments How many recent comments are being shown.
Method visible_comments_truncated_for_display Whether the visible comment list is truncated for display.
Method total_comments We count all comments because the db cannot do visibility yet.
Method total_activity Return the count of all activity items for the bug.
Method wasDescriptionModified Return a boolean indicating whether the description was modified
Method linked_branches Filter out the bug_branch links to non-visible private branches.
Method linked_merge_proposals Filter out the links to non-visible private MPs.
Method days_to_expiration Return the number of days before the bug is expired, or None.
Method expiration_message Return a message indicating the time to expiration for the bug.
Method official_tags The list of official tags for this bug.
Method unofficial_tags The list of unofficial tags for this bug.
Method available_official_tags_js Return the list of available official tags for the bug as JSON.
Method user_is_admin Is the user a Launchpad admin?
Method bug_description_html The bug's description as HTML.
Method bug_heat_html HTML representation of the bug heat.
Method _nominateBug Nominate the bug for the series and redirect to the bug page.
Method _getComments Undocumented
Method _getInterestingActivity A sequence of interesting bug activity.
Method _getEventGroups Undocumented

Inherited from BugViewMixin (via BugTaskView):

Method subscription_info Undocumented
Method direct_subscribers Return the list of direct subscribers.
Method duplicate_subscribers Return the list of subscribers from duplicates.
Method getSubscriptionClassForUser Return a set of CSS class names based on subscription status.
Method regular_attachments The list of bug attachments that are not patches.
Method patches The list of bug attachments that are patches.
Method current_bugtask Return the current IBugTask.
Method specifications Undocumented
Method _bug_attachments Get a dict of attachment type -> attachments list.

Inherited from FeedsMixin (via BugTaskView):

Method feed_links Undocumented
def offset(self):
def batch_size(self):
def next_batch_url(self):
def next_offset(self):
def _event_groups(self):
See BugTaskView.
def has_more_comments_and_activity(self):
Return True if there are more camments and activity to load.
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