l.b.m.s.Sprint(SQLBase, HasDriversMixin, HasSpecificationsMixin) : class documentation

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See ISprint.
Method displayname Undocumented
Method drivers See IHasDrivers.
Method attendees Undocumented
Method spec_filter_clause Figure out the appropriate query for specifications on a sprint.
Method all_specifications Undocumented
Method specifications See IHasSpecifications.
Method specificationLinks See ISprint.
Method getSpecificationLink See ISprint.
Method acceptSpecificationLinks See ISprint.
Method declineSpecificationLinks See ISprint.
Method attend See ISprint.
Method removeAttendance See ISprint.
Method attendances Undocumented
Method isDriver See ISprint.
Method destroySelf Undocumented

Inherited from SQLBase:

Method __init__ Extended version of the SQLObjectBase constructor.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method __eq__ Equality operator.
Method __ne__ Inverse of __eq__.
Method __storm_invalidated__ Flush cached properties.
Class Method _get_store Undocumented

Inherited from HasDriversMixin:

Method personHasDriverRights See IHasDrivers.

Inherited from HasSpecificationsMixin:

Method visible_specifications See IHasSpecifications.
Method valid_specifications See IHasSpecifications.
Method api_valid_specifications Undocumented
Method specificationCount See IHasSpecifications.
Method _specification_sort Return the storm sort order for 'specifications'.
def displayname(self):
def drivers(self):
See IHasDrivers.
def attendees(self):
def spec_filter_clause(self, user, filter=None):
Figure out the appropriate query for specifications on a sprint.

We separate out the query generation from the normal specifications() method because we want to reuse this query in the specificationLinks() method.

def all_specifications(self, user):
def specifications(self, user, sort=None, quantity=None, filter=None, need_people=False, need_branches=False, need_workitems=False):
See IHasSpecifications.
def specificationLinks(self, filter=None):
See ISprint.
def getSpecificationLink(self, speclink_id):
See ISprint.

NB: we expose the horrible speclink.id because there is no unique way to refer to a specification outside of a product or distro context. Here we are a sprint that could cover many products and/or distros.

def acceptSpecificationLinks(self, idlist, decider):
See ISprint.
def declineSpecificationLinks(self, idlist, decider):
See ISprint.
def attend(self, person, time_starts, time_ends, is_physical):
See ISprint.
def removeAttendance(self, person):
See ISprint.
def attendances(self):
def isDriver(self, user):
See ISprint.
def destroySelf(self):
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