l.b.i.s.ISprint(ISprintPublic, ISprintAnyPerson, ISprintEditableAttributes, ISprintModerate, ISprintDriver) : interface documentation

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A sprint, or conference, or meeting.

Inherited from ISprintPublic:

Int id Undocumented
Attribute displayname A pseudonym for the title.
PublicPersonChoice owner Undocumented
Datetime datecreated Undocumented
Attribute attendees The set of attendees at this sprint.
Attribute attendances The set of SprintAttendance records.
Method specificationLinks Return the SprintSpecification records matching the filter,
Method getSpecificationLink Return the specification link for this sprint that has the given
Method isDriver Returns True if and only if the specified user

Inherited from IHasDrivers (via ISprintPublic):

Attribute drivers A list of drivers
Method personHasDriverRights Does the given person have launchpad.Driver rights on this object?

Inherited from IHasSpecifications (via ISprintPublic):

Method specifications Specifications for this target.
Method valid_specifications Valid specifications for this target.

Inherited from ISprintAnyPerson:

Method attend Record that this person will be attending the Sprint.
Method removeAttendance Remove the person's attendance record.

Inherited from ISprintEditableAttributes:

SprintNameField name A unique name for this sprint, or conference, or meeting. This will part of the URL so pick something short. A single word is all you get.
TextLine title Please provide a title for this meeting. This will be shown in listings of meetings.
Text summary A one-paragraph summary of the meeting plans and goals. Put the rest in a web page and link to it using the field below.
PublicPersonChoice driver The person or team that will manage the agenda of this meeting. Use this if you want to delegate the approval of agenda items to somebody else.
Text address The address of the meeting venue.
TextLine home_page A web page with further information about the event.
IconImageUpload icon A small image of exactly 14x14 pixels and at most 5kb in size, that can be used to identify this meeting. The icon will be displayed wherever we list and link to the meeting.
LogoImageUpload logo An image of exactly 64x64 pixels that will be displayed in the heading of all pages related to this meeting. It should be no bigger than 50kb in size.
MugshotImageUpload mugshot A large image of exactly 192x192 pixels, that will be displayed on this meeting's home page in Launchpad. It should be no bigger than 100kb in size.
Text homepage_content The content of this meeting's home page. Edit this and it will be displayed for all the world to see. It is NOT a wiki so you cannot undo changes.
Choice time_zone The time zone in which this sprint, or conference, takes place.
Datetime time_starts Undocumented
Datetime time_ends Undocumented
Bool is_physical Undocumented

Inherited from ISprintModerate:

Method destroySelf Remove this sprint.

Inherited from ISprintDriver:

Method acceptSpecificationLinks Accept the given sprintspec items, and return the number of
Method declineSpecificationLinks Decline the given sprintspec items, and return the number of
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