l.b.i.sprint : module documentation

Part of lp.blueprints.interfaces

Interfaces for a Sprint (a meeting, conference or hack session).

A Sprint basically consists of a bunch of people getting together to discuss some specific issues.

Class SprintNameField Undocumented
Interface ISprintPublic ISprint attributes that anyone can view.
Interface ISprintAnyPerson ISprint methods that any logged-in user can call.
Interface ISprintEditableAttributes ISprint attributes that can be edited.
Interface ISprintModerate ISprint methods that can be called by more than one community.
Interface ISprintDriver ISprint methods that require launchpad.Driver permission.
Interface ISprint A sprint, or conference, or meeting.
Interface IHasSprints An interface for things that have lists of sprints associated with
Interface ISprintSet A container for sprints.
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