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A Specification.
Method setWorkItems Set work items on this specification.
Method linkBug Link a bug to this specification.
Method unlinkBug Unlink a bug to this specification.

Inherited from ISpecificationPublic:

Int id Undocumented
Method userCanView Return True if user can see this ISpecification, false otherwise.

Inherited from IPrivacy (via ISpecificationPublic):

Bool private Private objects are visible to members or subscribers.

Inherited from ISpecificationView:

Attribute assigneeID db assignee value
Attribute drafterID db drafter value
Attribute approverID db approver value
Choice product Undocumented
Choice distribution Undocumented
Choice productseries Choose a series in which you would like to deliver this feature. Selecting '(nothing selected)' will clear the goal.
Choice distroseries Choose a series in which you would like to deliver this feature. Selecting '(nothing selected)' will clear the goal.
Attribute goal The series for which this feature is a goal.
Choice goalstatus Whether or not the drivers have accepted this feature as a goal for the targeted series.
Attribute goal_proposer The person who nominated the spec for this series.
Attribute date_goal_proposed The date of the nomination.
Attribute goal_decider The person who approved or declined the spec a a goal.
Attribute date_goal_decided The date the spec was approved or declined as a goal.
List work_items All non-deleted work items for this spec, sorted by their 'sequence'
Int man_days An estimate of the number of developer days it will take to implement this feature. Please only provide an estimate if you are relatively confident in the number.
Choice superseded_by The specification which supersedes this one. Note that selecting a specification here and pressing Continue will change the specification status to Superseded.
Attribute subscriptions The set of subscriptions to this spec.
Attribute subscribers The set of subscribers to this spec.
Attribute sprints The sprints at which this spec is discussed.
Attribute sprint_links The entries that link this spec to sprints.
Method getDependencies Specs on which this one depends.
Method getBlockedSpecs Specs for which this spec is a dependency.
Attribute informational Is True if this spec is purely informational and requires no implementation.
Attribute is_incomplete Is True if this work still needs to be done. Is in fact always the opposite of is_complete.
Attribute is_blocked Is True if this spec depends on another spec which is still incomplete.
Method all_deps All the dependencies, including dependencies of dependencies.
Method all_blocked All specs blocked on this, and those blocked on the blocked ones.
Method validateMove Check that the specification can be moved to the target.
Method getSprintSpecification Get the record that links this spec to the named sprint.
Method notificationRecipientAddresses Return the list of email addresses that receive notifications.
Method updateLifecycleStatus Mark the specification as started, and/or complete, if appropriate.
Method getDelta Return a dictionary of things that changed between this spec and
Method subscription Return the subscription for this person to this spec, or None.
Method subscribe Subscribe this person to the feature specification.
Method unsubscribe Remove the person's subscription to this spec.
Method getSubscriptionByName Return a subscription based on the person's name, or None.
Method isSubscribed Is person subscribed to this spec?
Method linkSprint Put this spec on the agenda of the sprint.
Method unlinkSprint Remove this spec from the agenda of the sprint.
Method createDependency Create a dependency for this spec on the spec provided.
Method removeDependency Remove any dependency of this spec on the spec provided.
Method getBranchLink Return the SpecificationBranch link for the branch, or None.
Method getLinkedBugTasks Return the bug tasks that are relevant to this blueprint.
Method getAllowedInformationTypes Get a list of acceptable `InformationType`s for this spec.

Inherited from IHasOwner (via ISpecificationView):

Attribute owner The object's owner, which is an IPerson.

Inherited from IHasLinkedBranches (via ISpecificationView):

Method linkBranch Associate a branch with this bug.
Method unlinkBranch Unlink a branch from this bug.

Inherited from ISpecificationEditRestricted:

Method setDefinitionStatus Mutator for definition_status that calls updateLifeCycle.
Method setImplementationStatus Mutator for implementation_status that calls updateLifeCycle.
Method newWorkItem Create a new SpecificationWorkItem.
Method updateWorkItems Update the existing work items to match the given ones.
Method setTarget Set this specification's target.
Method retarget Move the spec to the given target.
Method transitionToInformationType Change the information type of the Specification.
Method proposeGoal Propose this spec for a series or distroseries.

Inherited from ISpecificationDriverRestricted:

Method acceptBy Mark the spec as being accepted for its current series goal.
Method declineBy Mark the spec as being declined as a goal for the proposed
def setWorkItems(new_work_items):
Set work items on this specification.
Parametersnew_work_itemsWork items to set.
def linkBug(bug, user=None, check_permissions=True):
Link a bug to this specification.
ParametersbugIBug to link.
def unlinkBug(bug, user=None, check_permissions=True):
Unlink a bug to this specification.
ParametersbugIBug to unlink.
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