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Method setUp Create the Soyuz test publisher.
Method getScript Return a ProcessAccepted instance.
Method createWaitingAcceptancePackage Create some pending publications.
Method test_robustness Test that a broken package doesn't block the publication of other
Method test_accept_copy_archives Test that publications in a copy archive are accepted properly.
Method test_commits_after_each_item Undocumented
Method test_commits_work Undocumented
Method test_validateArguments_requires_no_distro_for_derived_run Undocumented
Method test_validateArguments_does_not_accept_distro_for_derived_run Undocumented

Inherited from TestCaseWithFactory:

Method getUserBrowser Return a Browser logged in as a fresh user, maybe opened at url.
Method getNonRedirectingBrowser Undocumented
Method createBranchAtURL Create a branch at the supplied URL.
Method create_branch_and_tree Create a database branch, bzr branch and bzr checkout.
Method createBzrBranch Create a bzr branch for a database branch.
Static Method getBranchPath Return the path of the branch in the mirrored area.
Method useTempBzrHome Undocumented
Method useBzrBranches Prepare for using bzr branches.

Inherited from TestCase (via TestCaseWithFactory):

Method becomeDbUser Commit, then log into the database as dbuser.
Method __str__ The string representation of a test is its id.
Method useContext Use the supplied context in this test.
Method makeTemporaryDirectory Create a temporary directory, and return its path.
Method installKarmaRecorder Set up and return a KarmaRecorder.
Method assertProvides Assert 'obj' correctly provides 'interface'.
Method assertNotifies Assert that a callable performs a given notification.
Method assertNoNotification Assert that no notifications are generated by the callable.
Method assertSqlAttributeEqualsDate Fail unless the value of the attribute is equal to the date.
Method assertTextMatchesExpressionIgnoreWhitespace Undocumented
Method assertIsInstance Assert that an instance is an instance of assert_class.
Method assertIsNot Assert that expected is not the same object as observed.
Method assertContentEqual Assert that 'iter1' has the same content as 'iter2'.
Method assertRaisesWithContent Check if the given exception is raised with given content.
Method assertBetween Assert that 'variable' is strictly between two boundaries.
Method assertVectorEqual Apply assertEqual to all given pairs in one go.
Method expectedLog Expect a log to be written that matches the regex.
Method pushConfig Push some key-value pairs into a section of the config.
Method attachOopses Undocumented
Method attachLibrarianLog Include the logChunks from fixture in the test details.
Method assertStatementCount Assert that the expected number of SQL statements occurred.
Method useTempDir Use a temporary directory for this test.
Method assertEmailHeadersEqual Assert that two email headers are equal.
Method assertStartsWith Undocumented
Method assertEndsWith Asserts that s ends with suffix.
Method checkPermissions Check if the used_permissions match expected_permissions.
Method assertEmailQueueLength Pop the email queue, assert its length, and return it.
Method _unfoldEmailHeader Unfold a multiline email header.
def setUp(self):
Create the Soyuz test publisher.
def getScript(self, test_args=None):
Return a ProcessAccepted instance.
def createWaitingAcceptancePackage(self, distroseries, archive=None, sourcename=None):
Create some pending publications.
def test_robustness(self):
Test that a broken package doesn't block the publication of other packages.
def test_accept_copy_archives(self):
Test that publications in a copy archive are accepted properly.
def test_commits_after_each_item(self):
def test_commits_work(self):
def test_validateArguments_requires_no_distro_for_derived_run(self):
def test_validateArguments_does_not_accept_distro_for_derived_run(self):
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