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Module test_archivesigningkey Test ArchiveSigningKey.
Module test_config Test publisher configs handling.
Module test_customupload Tests for CustomUploads.
Module test_ddtp_tarball Test ddtp-tarball custom uploads.
Module test_deathrow Tests for deathrow class.
Module test_debian_installer Test debian-installer custom uploads.
Module test_debversion Tests for debversion.
Module test_dist_upgrader Test dist-upgrader custom uploads.
Module test_dominator Tests for domination.py.
Module test_ftparchive Tests for ftparchive.py
Module test_generate_contents_files Test for the generate-contents-files script.
Module test_generate_ppa_htaccess Test the generate_ppa_htaccess.py script.
Module test_htaccess Test htaccess/htpasswd file generation.
Module test_indices Test native archive index generation for Soyuz.
Module test_meta_data Test meta-data custom uploads.
Module test_pool Tests for pool.py.
Module test_processaccepted Test process-accepted.py
Module test_processdeathrow Functional tests for process-death-row.py script.
Module test_publish_ftpmaster Test publish-ftpmaster cron script.
Module test_publishdistro Functional tests for publish-distro.py script.
Module test_publisher Tests for publisher class.
Module test_publisher_documentation Runs the archivepublisher doctests.
Module test_publisherconfig Tests for publisherConfig model class.
Module test_repositoryindexfile Tests for RepositoryIndexFile.
Module test_rosetta_translations Test rosetta-translations custom uploads.
Module test_run_parts Test publisher run-parts handling.
Module test_signing Test UEFI custom uploads.

From the __init__.py module:

Function datadir Return fully-qualified path inside the test data directory.
def datadir(path):
Return fully-qualified path inside the test data directory.
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