l.a.t.test_publisher : module documentation

Part of lp.archivepublisher.tests

Tests for publisher class.
Class TestPublisherBase Basic setUp for TestPublisher classes.
Class TestPublisherSeries Test the Publisher methods that publish individual series.
Class ByHashHasContents Matches if a by-hash directory has exactly the specified contents.
Class ByHashesHaveContents Matches if only these by-hash directories exist with proper contents.
Class TestByHash Unit tests for details of handling a single by-hash directory tree.
Class TestByHashes Unit tests for details of handling a set of by-hash directory trees.
Class TestPublisher Testing Publisher behaviour.
Class TestArchiveIndices Tests for the native publisher's index generation.
Class TestFtparchiveIndices Tests for the apt-ftparchive publisher's index generation.
Class TestUpdateByHash Tests for handling of by-hash files.
Class TestUpdateByHashOverriddenDistsroot Test by-hash handling with an overridden distsroot.
Class TestPublisherRepositorySignatures Testing Publisher signature behaviour.
Class TestPublisherLite Lightweight unit tests for the publisher.
Class TestDirectoryHashHelpers Helper functions for DirectoryHash testing.
Class TestDirectoryHash Unit tests for DirectoryHash object.
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