l.a.b.question : module documentation

Part of lp.answers.browser

Question views.
Class QuestionLinksMixin A mixin class that provides links used by more than one menu.
Class QuestionEditMenu A menu for different aspects of editing a object.
Class QuestionExtrasMenu Context menu of actions that can be performed upon a Question.
Class QuestionSetContextMenu Context menu of actions that can be preformed upon a QuestionSet.
Class QuestionSetNavigation Navigation for the IQuestionSet.
Class QuestionBreadcrumb Builds a breadcrumb for an IQuestion.
Class QuestionSetView View for the Answer Tracker index page.
Class QuestionSubscriptionView View for subscribing and unsubscribing from a question.
Class QuestionLanguageVocabularyFactory Factory for a vocabulary containing a subset of the possible languages.
Class QuestionSupportLanguageMixin Helper mixin for views manipulating the question language.
Class QuestionHistoryView A view for listing the history of a question.
Class QuestionAddView Multi-page add view.
Class QuestionChangeStatusView View for changing a question status.
Class QuestionTargetWidget A targeting widget that is aware of pillars that use Answers.
Class QuestionEditView View for editing a Question.
Class QuestionRejectView View for rejecting a question.
Class LinkFAQMixin Mixin that contains common functionality for views linking a FAQ.
Class QuestionWorkflowView View managing the question workflow action, i.e. action changing
Class QuestionConfirmAnswerView Specialized workflow view for the +confirm link sent in email
Class QuestionMessageDisplayView View that renders a QuestionMessage in the context of a Question.
Class SearchAllQuestionsView View that searches among all questions posted on Launchpad.
Class QuestionCreateFAQView View to create a new FAQ.
Class SearchableFAQRadioWidget Widget combining a set of radio buttons with a search text field.
Class QuestionLinkFAQView View to search for and link an existing FAQ to a question.
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