b.t.test_foreign : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests

Tests for foreign VCS utility code.
Class DummyForeignVcsMapping A simple mapping for the dummy Foreign VCS, for use with testing.
Class DummyForeignVcsMappingRegistry Undocumented
Class DummyForeignVcs A dummy Foreign VCS, for use with testing.
Class DummyForeignVcsBranch A Dummy VCS Branch.
Class DummyForeignCommitBuilder Undocumented
Class DummyForeignVcsRepository Dummy foreign vcs repository.
Class DummyForeignVcsRepositoryFormat Undocumented
Function branch_history Undocumented
Class InterToDummyVcsBranch Undocumented
Class DummyForeignVcsBranchFormat Undocumented
Class DummyForeignVcsDirFormat BzrDirFormat for the dummy foreign VCS.
Class DummyForeignVcsDir No class docstring; 1/6 methods documented
Function register_dummy_foreign_for_test Undocumented
Class DummyForeignProber No class docstring; 1/2 class methods documented
Class ForeignVcsRegistryTests Tests for the ForeignVcsRegistry class.
Class ForeignRevisionTests Tests for the ForeignRevision class.
Class WorkingTreeFileUpdateTests Tests for update_workingtree_fileids().
Class DummyForeignVcsTests Very basic test for DummyForeignVcs.
def branch_history(graph, revid):
def register_dummy_foreign_for_test(testcase):
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