b.t.t.InterToDummyVcsBranch(branch.GenericInterBranch) : class documentation

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Static Method is_compatible Undocumented
Method push See InterBranch.push.

Inherited from GenericInterBranch:

Class Method unwrap_format Undocumented
Method copy_content_into Copy the content of source into target
Method fetch Fetch revisions.
Method pull Pull from source into self, updating my master if any.
Class Method _get_branch_formats_to_test Return an iterable of format tuples for testing.
Method _update_revisions Undocumented
Method _basic_push Basic implementation of push without bound branches or hooks.
Method _push_with_bound_branches Push from source into target, and into target's master if any.
Method _pull See Branch.pull.

Inherited from InterObject (via GenericInterBranch, InterBranch):

Method __init__ Construct a default InterObject instance. Please use 'get'.
Class Method get Retrieve a Inter worker object for these objects.
Method lock_read Take out a logical read lock.
Method lock_write Take out a logical write lock.
Class Method register_optimiser Register an InterObject optimiser.
Method unlock Release the locks on source and target.
Class Method unregister_optimiser Unregister an InterObject optimiser.
Method _double_lock Take out two locks, rolling back the first if the second throws.
def is_compatible(source, target):
def push(self, overwrite=False, stop_revision=None, lossy=False):
See InterBranch.push.

This is the basic concrete implementation of push()

Parameters_override_hook_source_branchIf specified, run the hooks passing this Branch as the source, rather than self. This is for use of RemoteBranch, where push is delegated to the underlying vfs-based Branch.
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