b.t.t.DummyForeignCommitBuilder(vf_repository.VersionedFileRootCommitBuilder) : class documentation

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Method _generate_revision_if_needed Create a revision id if None was supplied.

Inherited from VersionedFileRootCommitBuilder:

Method _check_root Helper for record_entry_contents.
Method _require_root_change Enforce an appropriate root object change.

Inherited from VersionedFileCommitBuilder (via VersionedFileRootCommitBuilder):

Method __init__ Initiate a CommitBuilder.
Method will_record_deletes Tell the commit builder that deletes are being notified.
Method any_changes Return True if any entries were changed.
Method commit Make the actual commit.
Method abort Abort the commit that is being built.
Method revision_tree Return the tree that was just committed.
Method finish_inventory Tell the builder that the inventory is finished.
Method get_basis_delta Return the complete inventory delta versus the basis inventory.
Method record_delete Record that a delete occured against a basis tree.
Method record_entry_contents Record the content of ie from tree into the commit if needed.
Method record_iter_changes Record a new tree via iter_changes.
Method _ensure_fallback_inventories Ensure that appropriate inventories are available.
Method _get_delta Get a delta against the basis inventory for ie.
Method _heads Calculate the graph heads for revision_ids in the graph of file_id.
Method _add_text_to_weave Undocumented

Inherited from CommitBuilder (via VersionedFileRootCommitBuilder, VersionedFileCommitBuilder):

Method _validate_unicode_text Verify things like commit messages don't have bogus characters.
Method _validate_revprops Undocumented
Method _gen_revision_id Return new revision-id.
def _generate_revision_if_needed(self):
Create a revision id if None was supplied.

If the repository can not support user-specified revision ids they should override this function and raise CannotSetRevisionId if _new_revision_id is not None.

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