b.t.p.test_check_reconcile : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf

Tests that use BrokenRepoScenario objects.

That is, tests for reconcile and check.

Class BrokenRepoScenario Base class for defining scenarios for testing check and reconcile.
Class UndamagedRepositoryScenario A scenario where the repository has no damage.
Class FileParentIsNotInRevisionAncestryScenario A scenario where a revision 'rev2' has 'a-file' with a
Class FileParentHasInaccessibleInventoryScenario A scenario where a revision 'rev3' containing 'a-file' modified in
Class FileParentsNotReferencedByAnyInventoryScenario A scenario where a repository with file 'a-file' which has extra
Class UnreferencedFileParentsFromNoOpMergeScenario rev1a and rev1b with identical contents
Class TooManyParentsScenario A scenario where 'broken-revision' of 'a-file' claims to have parents
Class ClaimedFileParentDidNotModifyFileScenario A scenario where the file parent is the same as the revision parent, but
Class IncorrectlyOrderedParentsScenario A scenario where the set parents of a version of a file are correct, but
Function broken_scenarios_for_all_formats Undocumented
Class TestFileParentReconciliation Tests for how reconcile corrects errors in parents of file versions.
def broken_scenarios_for_all_formats():
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