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Known subclasses: bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_check_reconcile.ClaimedFileParentDidNotModifyFileScenario, bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_check_reconcile.FileParentHasInaccessibleInventoryScenario, bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_check_reconcile.FileParentIsNotInRevisionAncestryScenario, bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_check_reconcile.FileParentsNotReferencedByAnyInventoryScenario, bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_check_reconcile.IncorrectlyOrderedParentsScenario, bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_check_reconcile.TooManyParentsScenario, bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_check_reconcile.UndamagedRepositoryScenario, bzrlib.tests.per_repository_vf.test_check_reconcile.UnreferencedFileParentsFromNoOpMergeScenario

Base class for defining scenarios for testing check and reconcile.

A subclass needs to define the following methods:
A subclass may define the following optional method as well:
Unknown Field: populate_repositorya method to use to populate a repository with sample revisions, inventories and file versions.
Unknown Field: all_versions_after_reconcileall the versions in repository after reconcile. run_test verifies that the text of each of these versions of the file is unchanged by the reconcile.
Unknown Field: populated_parentsa list of (parents list, revision). Each version of the file is verified to have the given parents before running the reconcile. i.e. this is used to assert that the repo from the factory is what we expect.
Unknown Field: corrected_parentsa list of (parents list, revision). Each version of the file is verified to have the given parents after the reconcile. i.e. this is used to assert that reconcile made the changes we expect it to make.
Unknown Field: corrected_fulltextsa list of file versions that should be stored as fulltexts (not deltas) after reconcile. run_test will verify that this occurs.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method make_one_file_inventory Undocumented
Method add_revision Undocumented
Method corrected_fulltexts Undocumented
Method repository_text_key_index Undocumented
def __init__(self, test_case):
def make_one_file_inventory(self, repo, revision, parents, inv_revision=None, root_revision=None, file_contents=None, make_file_version=True):
def add_revision(self, repo, revision_id, inv, parent_ids):
def corrected_fulltexts(self):
def repository_text_key_index(self):
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