b.t.p.t.IncorrectlyOrderedParentsScenario(BrokenRepoScenario) : class documentation

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A scenario where the set parents of a version of a file are correct, but the order of those parents is incorrect.

This defines a 'broken-revision-1-2' and a 'broken-revision-2-1' which both have their file version parents reversed compared to the revision parents, which is invalid. (We use two revisions with opposite orderings of the same parents to make sure that accidentally relying on dictionary/set ordering cannot make the test pass; the assumption is that while dict/set iteration order is arbitrary, it is also consistent within a single test).

Method all_versions_after_reconcile Undocumented
Method populated_parents Undocumented
Method corrected_parents Undocumented
Method check_regexes Undocumented
Method populate_repository Undocumented
Method repository_text_key_references Undocumented
Method repository_text_keys Undocumented
Method versioned_repository_text_keys Undocumented

Inherited from BrokenRepoScenario:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method make_one_file_inventory Undocumented
Method add_revision Undocumented
Method corrected_fulltexts Undocumented
Method repository_text_key_index Undocumented
def all_versions_after_reconcile(self):
def populated_parents(self):
def corrected_parents(self):
def check_regexes(self, repo):
def populate_repository(self, repo):
def repository_text_key_references(self):
def repository_text_keys(self):
def versioned_repository_text_keys(self):
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