b.s.request : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.smart

Infrastructure for server-side request handlers.

Interesting module attributes:
  • The request_handlers registry maps verb names to SmartServerRequest classes.
  • The jail_info threading.local() object is used to prevent accidental opening of BzrDirs outside of the backing transport, or any other transports placed in jail_info.transports. The jail_info is reset on every call into a request handler (which can happen an arbitrary number of times during a request).
Class SmartServerRequest Base class for request handlers.
Class SmartServerResponse A response to a client request.
Class FailedSmartServerResponse A SmartServerResponse for a request which failed.
Class SuccessfulSmartServerResponse A SmartServerResponse for a successfully completed request.
Class SmartServerRequestHandler Protocol logic for smart server.
Class HelloRequest Answer a version request with the highest protocol version this server
Class GetBundleRequest Get a bundle of from the null revision to the specified revision.
Class SmartServerIsReadonly Undocumented
Function _install_hook Undocumented
Function _pre_open_hook Undocumented
Function _translate_error Undocumented
def _install_hook():
def _pre_open_hook(transport):
def _translate_error(err):
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