b.s.r.SmartServerRequestHandler(object) : class documentation

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Protocol logic for smart server.

This doesn't handle serialization at all, it just processes requests and creates responses.

Method __init__ Constructor.
Method accept_body Accept body data.
Method end_of_body No more body data will be received.
Method headers_received Undocumented
Method args_received Undocumented
Method end_received Undocumented
Method post_body_error_received Undocumented
Method _trace Undocumented
Method _run_handler_code Run some handler specific code 'callable'.
Method _call_converting_errors Call callable converting errors to Response objects.
def __init__(self, backing_transport, commands, root_client_path, jail_root=None):
Parametersbacking_transporta Transport to handle requests for.
commandsa registry mapping command names to SmartServerRequest subclasses. e.g. bzrlib.transport.smart.vfs.vfs_commands.
def _trace(self, action, message, extra_bytes=None, include_time=False):
def accept_body(self, bytes):
Accept body data.
def end_of_body(self):
No more body data will be received.
def _run_handler_code(self, callable, args, kwargs):
Run some handler specific code 'callable'.

If a result is returned, it is considered to be the commands response, and finished_reading is set true, and its assigned to self.response.

Any exceptions caught are translated and a response object created from them.

def _call_converting_errors(self, callable, args, kwargs):
Call callable converting errors to Response objects.
def headers_received(self, headers):
def args_received(self, args):
def end_received(self):
def post_body_error_received(self, error_args):
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