b.smart : package documentation

Part of bzrlib

Smart-server protocol, client and server.

This code is fairly complex, so it has been split up into a package of modules, rather than being a single large module. Refer to the individual module docstrings for details.

Server-side request handlers are registered in the bzrlib.smart.request module.

The domain logic is in bzrlib.remote: RemoteBzrDir, RemoteBranch, and so on.

There is also an plain file-level transport that calls remote methods to manipulate files on the server in bzrlib.transport.remote.

The protocol is described in doc/developers/network-protocol.txt.

Module branch Server-side branch related request implmentations.
Module bzrdir Server-side bzrdir related request implmentations.
Module client Undocumented
Module medium The 'medium' layer for the smart servers and clients.
Module message No module docstring; 3/4 classes, 1/1 functions documented
Module packrepository Server-side pack repository related request implmentations.
Module protocol Wire-level encoding and decoding of requests and responses for the smart
Module repository Server-side repository related request implmentations.
Module request Infrastructure for server-side request handlers.
Module server Server for smart-server protocol.
Module signals Signal handling for the smart server code.
Module vfs VFS operations for the smart server.
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