b.s.vfs : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.smart

VFS operations for the smart server.

This module defines the smart server methods that are low-level file operations -- i.e. methods that operate directly on files and directories, rather than higher-level concepts like branches and revisions.

These methods, plus 'hello' and 'get_bundle', are version 1 of the smart server protocol, as implemented in bzr 0.11 and later.

Function vfs_enabled Is the VFS enabled ?
Class VfsRequest Base class for VFS requests.
Class HasRequest Undocumented
Class GetRequest Undocumented
Class AppendRequest Undocumented
Class DeleteRequest Undocumented
Class IterFilesRecursiveRequest Undocumented
Class ListDirRequest Undocumented
Class MkdirRequest Undocumented
Class MoveRequest Undocumented
Class PutRequest Undocumented
Class PutNonAtomicRequest Undocumented
Class ReadvRequest No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class RenameRequest Undocumented
Class RmdirRequest Undocumented
Class StatRequest Undocumented
Function _deserialise_optional_mode Undocumented
def _deserialise_optional_mode(mode):
def vfs_enabled():
Is the VFS enabled ?

the VFS is disabled when the BZR_NO_SMART_VFS environment variable is set.

ReturnsTrue if it is enabled.
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