b.reconcile : module documentation

Part of bzrlib

Reconcilers are able to fix some potential data errors in a branch.
Function reconcile Reconcile the data in dir.
Class Reconciler Reconcilers are used to reconcile existing data.
Class BranchReconciler Reconciler that works on a branch.
Class RepoReconciler Reconciler that reconciles a repository.
Class KnitReconciler Reconciler that reconciles a knit format repository.
Class PackReconciler Reconciler that reconciles a pack based repository.
def reconcile(dir, canonicalize_chks=False):
Reconcile the data in dir.

Currently this is limited to a inventory 'reweave'.

This is a convenience method, for using a Reconciler object.

Directly using Reconciler is recommended for library users that desire fine grained control or analysis of the found issues.

Parameterscanonicalize_chksMake sure CHKs are in canonical form.
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