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Reconcilers are used to reconcile existing data.
Method __init__ Create a Reconciler.
Method reconcile Perform reconciliation.
Method _reconcile Helper function for performing reconciliation.
Method _reconcile_branch Undocumented
Method _reconcile_repository Undocumented
def __init__(self, dir, other=None, canonicalize_chks=False):
Create a Reconciler.
def reconcile(self):

Perform reconciliation.

After reconciliation the following attributes document found issues:

  • inconsistent_parents: The number of revisions in the repository whose ancestry was being reported incorrectly.
  • garbage_inventories: The number of inventory objects without revisions that were garbage collected.
  • fixed_branch_history: None if there was no branch, False if the branch history was correct, True if the branch history needed to be re-normalized.
def _reconcile(self):
Helper function for performing reconciliation.
def _reconcile_branch(self):
def _reconcile_repository(self):
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