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Reconciler that reconciles a pack based repository.

Garbage inventories do not affect ancestry queries, and removal is considerably more expensive as there is no separate versioned file for them, so they are not cleaned. In short it is currently a no-op.

In future this may be a good place to hook in annotation cache checking, index recreation etc.

Method __init__ Construct a RepoReconciler.
Method _reconcile_steps Perform the steps to reconcile this repository.
Method _discard_and_save Discard some packs from the repository.

Inherited from RepoReconciler:

Method reconcile Perform reconciliation.
Method _reconcile Undocumented
Method _reweave_inventory Regenerate the inventory weave for the repository from scratch.
Method _new_inv_parents Lookup ghost-filtered parents for revision_key.
Method _change_inv_parents Adapt a record stream to reconcile the parents.
Method _setup_steps Setup the markers we need to control the progress bar.
Method _graph_revision Load a revision into the revision graph.
Method _check_garbage_inventories Check for garbage inventories which we cannot trust
Method _parent_is_available True if parent is a fully available revision
Method _reweave_step Mark a single step of regeneration complete.
def __init__(self, repo, other=None, thorough=False, canonicalize_chks=False):
Construct a RepoReconciler.
Parametersthoroughperform a thorough check which may take longer but will correct non-data loss issues such as incorrect cached data.
def _reconcile_steps(self):
Perform the steps to reconcile this repository.
def _discard_and_save(self, packs):
Discard some packs from the repository.

This removes them from the memory index, saves the in-memory index which makes the newly reconciled pack visible and hides the packs to be discarded, and finally renames the packs being discarded into the obsolete packs directory.

ParameterspacksThe packs to discard.
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