b.p.l.test_lp_directory : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.plugins.launchpad

Tests for directory lookup through Launchpad.net
Function load_tests Undocumented
Class FakeResolveFactory Undocumented
Class LocalDirectoryURLTests Tests for branch urls that we try to pass through local resolution.
Class DirectoryUrlTests Tests for branch urls through Launchpad.net directory
Class DirectoryOpenBranchTests Undocumented
Class PredefinedRequestHandler Request handler for a unique and pre-defined request.
Class PreCannedServerMixin Undocumented
Class PreCannedHTTPServer Undocumented
Class PreCannedHTTPSServer Undocumented
Class TestXMLRPCTransport Undocumented
Class TestDebuntuExpansions Test expansions for ubuntu: and debianlp: schemes.
def load_tests(standard_tests, module, loader):
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