b.p.l.t.PredefinedRequestHandler(http_server.TestingHTTPRequestHandler) : class documentation

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Request handler for a unique and pre-defined request.

The only thing we care about here is that we receive a connection. But since we want to dialog with a real http client, we have to send it correct responses.

We expect to receive a single request nothing more (and we won't even check what request it is), the tests will recognize us from our response.

Method handle_one_request Handle a single HTTP request.

Inherited from TestingHTTPRequestHandler:

Method setup Undocumented
Method log_message Undocumented
Method handle Undocumented
Method send_error Send and log an error reply.
Method send_head Overrides base implementation to work around a bug in python2.5.
Method send_range_content Undocumented
Method get_single_range Undocumented
Method get_multiple_ranges Undocumented
Method do_GET Serve a GET request.
Method translate_path Translate a /-separated PATH to the local filename syntax.
Method _handle_one_request Undocumented
Method _parse_ranges Parse the range header value and returns ranges.
Method _header_line_length Undocumented
Method _translate_path Translate a /-separated PATH to the local filename syntax.
def handle_one_request(self):
Handle a single HTTP request.

We catch all socket errors occurring when the client close the connection early to avoid polluting the test results.

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