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Launchpad.net integration plugin for Bazaar.

This plugin provides facilities for working with Bazaar branches that are hosted on Launchpad (http://launchpad.net). It provides a directory service for referring to Launchpad branches using the "lp:" prefix. For example, lp:bzr refers to the Bazaar's main development branch and lp:~username/project/branch-name can be used to refer to a specific branch.

This plugin provides a bug tracker so that "bzr commit --fixes lp:1234" will record that revision as fixing Launchpad's bug 1234.

The plugin also provides the following commands:

launchpad-login: Show or set the Launchpad user ID launchpad-open: Open a Launchpad branch page in your web browser lp-propose-merge: Propose merging a branch on Launchpad register-branch: Register a branch with launchpad.net launchpad-mirror: Ask Launchpad to mirror a branch now
Module account Functions to manage the user's Launchpad user ID.
Module lp_api Tools for dealing with the Launchpad API.
Module lp_api_lite Tools for dealing with the Launchpad API without using launchpadlib.
Module lp_directory Directory lookup that uses Launchpad.
Module lp_propose No module docstring; 1/2 classes, 1/1 functions documented
Module lp_registration No module docstring; 6/9 classes documented
Module test_account Tests for Launchpad user ID management functions.
Module test_lp_api No module docstring; 3/3 classes documented
Module test_lp_api_lite Tools for dealing with the Launchpad API without using launchpadlib.
Module test_lp_directory Tests for directory lookup through Launchpad.net
Module test_lp_login Tests for the launchpad-login command.
Module test_lp_open Tests for the launchpad-open command.
Module test_lp_service Tests for selection of the right Launchpad service by environment
Module test_register No module docstring; 1/5 classes documented

From the __init__.py module:

Class cmd_launchpad_login Undocumented
Class cmd_launchpad_mirror Undocumented
Class cmd_launchpad_open No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class cmd_lp_find_proposal Undocumented
Class cmd_lp_propose_merge Undocumented
Class cmd_register_branch Undocumented
Function load_tests Undocumented
Function _check_is_up_to_date Undocumented
Function _get_package_branch_info Determine the packaging information for this URL.
Function _register_directory Undocumented
Function _register_hooks Undocumented
def _register_directory():
def _get_package_branch_info(url):
Determine the packaging information for this URL.
ReturnsIf this isn't a packaging branch, return None. If it is, return (archive, series, project)
def _check_is_up_to_date(the_branch):
def _register_hooks():
def load_tests(basic_tests, module, loader):
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