b.p.l.lp_registration : module documentation

Part of bzrlib.plugins.launchpad

No module docstring
Class InvalidLaunchpadInstance Undocumented
Class NotLaunchpadBranch Undocumented
Class XMLRPCTransport Undocumented
Class LaunchpadService A service to talk to Launchpad via XMLRPC.
Class BaseRequest Base request for talking to a XMLRPC server.
Class DryRunLaunchpadService Service that just absorbs requests without sending to server.
Class BranchRegistrationRequest Request to tell Launchpad about a bzr branch.
Class BranchBugLinkRequest Request to link a bzr branch in Launchpad to a bug.
Class ResolveLaunchpadPathRequest Request to resolve the path component of an lp: URL.
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