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Part of bzrlib

BzrDir logic. The BzrDir is the basic control directory used by bzr.

At format 7 this was split out into Branch, Repository and Checkout control directories.

Note: This module has a lot of open functions/methods that return references to in-memory objects. As a rule, there are no matching close methods. To free any associated resources, simply stop referencing the objects returned.

Class BzrDir A .bzr control diretory.
Class BzrDirMeta1 A .bzr meta version 1 control object.
Class BzrDirMeta1Colo BzrDirMeta1 with support for colocated branches.
Class BzrProber Prober for formats that use a .bzr/ control directory.
Class RemoteBzrProber Prober for remote servers that provide a Bazaar smart server.
Class BzrDirFormat ControlDirFormat base class for .bzr/ directories.
Class BzrDirMetaFormat1 Bzr meta control format 1
Class BzrDirMetaFormat1Colo BzrDirMeta1 format with support for colocated branches.
Class ConvertMetaToMeta Converts the components of metadirs.
Class ConvertMetaToColo Add colocated branch support.
Class ConvertMetaRemoveColo Remove colocated branch support from a bzrdir.
Class RepositoryAcquisitionPolicy Abstract base class for repository acquisition policies.
Class CreateRepository A policy of creating a new repository
Class UseExistingRepository A policy of reusing an existing repository
Function register_metadir Register a metadir subformat.
def register_metadir(registry, key, repository_format, help, native=True, deprecated=False, branch_format=None, tree_format=None, hidden=False, experimental=False, alias=False, bzrdir_format=None):
Register a metadir subformat.

These all use a meta bzrdir, but can be parameterized by the Repository/Branch/WorkingTreeformats.

Parametersrepository_formatThe fully-qualified repository format class name as a string.
branch_formatFully-qualified branch format class name as a string.
tree_formatFully-qualified tree format class name as a string.
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