b.b.UseExistingRepository(RepositoryAcquisitionPolicy) : class documentation

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A policy of reusing an existing repository
Method __init__ Constructor.
Method acquire_repository Implementation of RepositoryAcquisitionPolicy.acquire_repository

Inherited from RepositoryAcquisitionPolicy:

Method configure_branch Apply any configuration data from this policy to the branch.
Method requires_stacking Return True if this policy requires stacking.
Method _get_full_stack_on Get a fully-qualified URL for the stack_on location.
Method _add_fallback Add a fallback to the supplied repository, if stacking is set.
def __init__(self, repository, stack_on=None, stack_on_pwd=None, require_stacking=False):
ParametersrepositoryThe repository to use.
stack_onA location to stack on
stack_on_pwdIf stack_on is relative, the location it is relative to.
def acquire_repository(self, make_working_trees=None, shared=False):
Implementation of RepositoryAcquisitionPolicy.acquire_repository

Returns an existing repository to use.

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