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BzrDirMeta1 with support for colocated branches.

This format is experimental, and will eventually be merged back into BzrDirMeta1.

Method __init__ Initialize a Bzr control dir object.
Method destroy_branch See BzrDir.create_branch.
Method list_branches See ControlDir.list_branches.
Method get_branch_transport See BzrDir.get_branch_transport().
Method _get_branch_path Obtain the branch path to use.
Method _read_branch_list Read the branch list.
Method _write_branch_list Write out the branch list.

Inherited from BzrDirMeta1:

Method can_convert_format See BzrDir.can_convert_format().
Method create_branch See BzrDir.create_branch.
Method create_repository See BzrDir.create_repository.
Method destroy_repository See BzrDir.destroy_repository.
Method create_workingtree See BzrDir.create_workingtree.
Method destroy_workingtree See BzrDir.destroy_workingtree.
Method destroy_workingtree_metadata Destroy the control files for the working tree at this ControlDir.
Method find_branch_format Find the branch 'format' for this bzrdir.
Method get_branch_reference See BzrDir.get_branch_reference().
Method get_repository_transport See BzrDir.get_repository_transport().
Method get_workingtree_transport See BzrDir.get_workingtree_transport().
Method has_workingtree Tell if this bzrdir contains a working tree.
Method needs_format_conversion See BzrDir.needs_format_conversion().
Method open_branch See BzrDir.open_branch.
Method open_repository See BzrDir.open_repository.
Method open_workingtree See BzrDir.open_workingtree.
Method _get_mkdir_mode Figure out the mode to use when creating a bzrdir subdir.
Method _get_config By default, no configuration is available.

Inherited from BzrDir (via BzrDirMeta1):

Method break_lock Invoke break_lock on the first object in the bzrdir.
Method check_conversion_target Check that a bzrdir as a whole can be converted to a new format.
Method clone_on_transport Clone this bzrdir and its contents to transport verbatim.
Method determine_repository_policy Return an object representing a policy to use.
Method sprout Create a copy of this controldir prepared for use as a new line of
Method generate_backup_name Undocumented
Method backup_bzrdir Backup this bzr control directory.
Method retire_bzrdir Permanently disable the bzrdir.
Method find_repository Find the repository that should be used.
Method get_config Get configuration for this BzrDir.
Method user_transport Undocumented
Method control_transport Undocumented
Method is_control_filename True if filename is the name of a path which is reserved for bzrdir's.
Method cloning_metadir Produce a metadir suitable for cloning or sprouting with.
Class Method create Create a new BzrDir at the url 'base'.
Method _make_tail Undocumented
Method _find_or_create_repository Create a new repository if needed, returning the repository.
Method _find_source_repo Find the source branch and repo for a sprout operation.
Method _sprout Undocumented
Method _available_backup_name Find a non-existing backup file name based on base.
Method _find_containing Find something in a containing control directory.
Method _find_creation_modes Determine the appropriate modes for files and directories.
Method _get_file_mode Return Unix mode for newly created files, or None.
Method _get_dir_mode Return Unix mode for newly created directories, or None.
Method _cloning_metadir Produce a metadir suitable for cloning with.

Inherited from ControlDir (via BzrDirMeta1, BzrDir):

Method has_branch Tell if this controldir contains a branch.
Method checkout_metadir Produce a metadir suitable for checkouts of this controldir.
Method push_branch Push the source branch into this ControlDir.
Method clone Clone this controldir and its contents to url verbatim.
Class Method find_bzrdirs Find control dirs recursively from current location.
Class Method find_branches Find all branches under a transport.
Class Method create_branch_and_repo Create a new ControlDir, Branch and Repository at the url 'base'.
Class Method create_branch_convenience Create a new ControlDir, Branch and Repository at the url 'base'.
Class Method create_standalone_workingtree Create a new ControlDir, WorkingTree, Branch and Repository at 'base'.
Class Method open_unsupported Open a branch which is not supported.
Class Method open Open an existing controldir, rooted at 'base' (url).
Class Method open_from_transport Open a controldir within a particular directory.
Class Method open_containing Open an existing branch which contains url.
Class Method open_containing_from_transport Open an existing branch which contains a_transport.base.
Class Method open_tree_or_branch Return the branch and working tree at a location.
Class Method open_containing_tree_or_branch Return the branch and working tree contained by a location.
Class Method open_containing_tree_branch_or_repository Return the working tree, branch and repo contained by a location.
Method _get_selected_branch Return the name of the branch selected by the user.
Method _get_tree_branch Return the branch and tree, if any, for this controldir.

Inherited from ControlComponent (via BzrDirMeta1, BzrDir, ControlDir):

Method control_url Undocumented
Method user_url Undocumented
def __init__(self, _transport, _format):
Initialize a Bzr control dir object.

Only really common logic should reside here, concrete classes should be made with varying behaviours.

Parameters_formatthe format that is creating this BzrDir instance.
_transportthe transport this dir is based at.
def _get_branch_path(self, name):
Obtain the branch path to use.

This uses the API specified branch name first, and then falls back to the branch name specified in the URL. If neither of those is specified, it uses the default branch.

ParametersnameOptional branch name to use
ReturnsRelative path to branch, branch name
def _read_branch_list(self):
Read the branch list.
ReturnsList of utf-8 encoded branch names.
def _write_branch_list(self, branches):
Write out the branch list.
ParametersbranchesList of utf-8 branch names to write
def destroy_branch(self, name=None):
See BzrDir.create_branch.
def list_branches(self):
See ControlDir.list_branches.
def get_branch_transport(self, branch_format, name=None):
See BzrDir.get_branch_transport().
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