l.t.i.t.ITranslationTemplatesBuild(IBuildFarmJob) : interface documentation

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The build information for translation templates builds.

Inherited from IBuildFarmJob:

Attribute id The build farm job ID.
Attribute build_farm_job Generic build farm job record
Bool virtualized The virtualization setting required by this build farm job. This should be None for job types that do not care whether they run virtualized.
Bool is_private Whether the build should be treated as private.
Choice job_type The specific type of job.
Attribute build_cookie A string which uniquely identifies the job in the build farm.
Int failure_count Number of consecutive failures for this job.
Method setLog Set the LibraryFileAlias that contains the job log.
Method updateStatus Update job metadata when the build status changes.
Method gotFailure Increment the failure_count for this job.
Method calculateScore Calculate the build queue priority for this job.
Method estimateDuration Estimate the build duration.
Method queueBuild Create a BuildQueue entry for this build.
Attribute was_built Whether or not modified by the builddfarm.
Attribute external_dependencies Newline-separated list of repositories to be used to retrieve any external build-dependencies when performing this build.
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