l.t.b.productseries : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.browser

View classes for IProductSeries.
Class ProductSeriesTranslationsMenuMixIn Translation menu for IProductSeries.
Class ProductSeriesTranslationsMenu Translations navigation menus for IProductSeries objects.
Class ProductSeriesTranslationsExportView Request tarball export of productseries' complete translations.
Class ProductSeriesTranslationsMixin Common properties for all ProductSeriesTranslations*View classes.
Class ProductSeriesUploadView A view for uploading translations into productseries.
Class ProductSeriesView A view to show a series with translations.
Class SettingsRadioWidget Remove the confusing hint under the widget.
Class ProductSeriesTranslationsSettingsView Edit settings for translations import and export.
Class ProductSeriesTranslationsBzrImportView Edit settings for translations import and export.
Class ProductSeriesTemplatesView Show a list of all templates for the ProductSeries.
Class LinkTranslationsBranchView View to set the series' translations export branch.
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