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Class BrowsesWithQueryLimit Matches the rendering of an objects default view with a query limit.
Class DoesNotProvide An object does not provide an interface.
Class DoesNotCorrectlyProvide An object does not correctly provide an interface.
Class Provides Test that an object provides a certain interface.
Class HasQueryCount Adapt a Binary Matcher to a query count.
Class IsNotProxied An object is not proxied.
Class IsProxied Check that an object is proxied.
Class ProvidesAndIsProxied Test that an object implements an interface, and is proxied.
Class DoesNotContain No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class Contains Checks whether one string contains another.
Class IsConfiguredBatchNavigator Check that an object is a batch navigator.
Class WasSnapshotted Undocumented
Class DoesNotSnapshot Checks that certain fields are skipped on Snapshots.
Function DocTestMatches See if a string matches a doctest example.
Class SoupMismatch Undocumented
Class MissingElement Undocumented
Class MultipleElements Undocumented
Class MatchesTagText Match against the extracted text of the tag.
Class MatchesPickerText Match against the text in a widget.
Class EqualsIgnoringWhitespace Compare equality, ignoring whitespace in strings.
Class _MismatchedQueryCount The Mismatch for a HasQueryCount matcher.
def DocTestMatches(example):
See if a string matches a doctest example.

Uses the default doctest flags used across Launchpad.

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