l.s.s.t.test_custom_uploads_copier : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.scripts.tests

Test copying of custom package uploads for a new DistroSeries.
Function list_custom_uploads Return a list of all PackageUploadCustom`s for `distroseries.
Class FakeDistroSeries Fake DistroSeries for test copiers that don't really need one.
Class FakeLibraryFileAlias Undocumented
Class FakeUpload Undocumented
Class CommonTestHelpers Helper(s) for these tests.
Class TestCustomUploadsCopierLite Light-weight low-level tests for CustomUploadsCopier.
Class TestCustomUploadsCopier Heavyweight CustomUploadsCopier tests.
def list_custom_uploads(distroseries):
Return a list of all PackageUploadCustom`s for `distroseries.
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