l.s.s.t.test_copypackage : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.scripts.tests

No module docstring
Class UpdateFilesPrivacyTestCase Test publication updateFilesPrivacy helper.
Class CopyCheckerHarness Basic checks common for all scenarios.
Class CopyCheckerQueries Undocumented
Class CopyCheckerSameArchiveHarness Undocumented
Class CopyCheckerDifferentArchiveHarness No class docstring; 1/17 methods documented
Class CopyCheckerTestCase Undocumented
Class BaseDoCopyTests No class docstring; 1/6 methods documented
Class TestDoDirectCopy Undocumented
Class TestCopyBuildRecords Test handling of binaries and their build records when copying.
Class TestCopyClosesBugs Copying packages closes bugs.
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