l.s.s.g.handlers : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.scripts.gina

Gina db handlers.

Classes to handle and create entries on launchpad db.

Function check_not_in_librarian Undocumented
Class UnrecognizedBinaryFormat Undocumented
Function getBinaryPackageFormat Return the BinaryPackageFormat for the given filename.
Class DataSetupError Raised when required data is found to be missing in the database
Class MultiplePackageReleaseError Raised when multiple package releases of the same version are
Class LibrarianHasFileError Raised when the librarian already contains a file we are trying
Class MultipleBuildError Raised when we have multiple builds for the same package
Class NoSourcePackageError Raised when a Binary Package has no matching Source Package
Class ImporterHandler Import Handler class
Class DistroHandler Handles distro related information.
Class SourcePackageHandler SourcePackageRelease Handler class
Class SourcePackagePublisher Class to handle the sourcepackagerelease publishing process.
Class BinaryPackageHandler Handler to deal with binarypackages.
Class BinaryPackagePublisher Binarypackage publisher class.
def check_not_in_librarian(files, archive_root, directory):
def getBinaryPackageFormat(fname):

Return the BinaryPackageFormat for the given filename.

>>> getBinaryPackageFormat('mozilla-firefox_0.9_i386.deb').name
>>> getBinaryPackageFormat('debian-installer.9_all.udeb').name
>>> getBinaryPackageFormat('network-manager.9_i386.rpm').name
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