l.s.m.queue : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.model

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Function debug Shorthand debug notation for publish() methods.
Class PassthroughStatusValue A wrapper to allow setting PackageUpload.status.
Function validate_status Undocumented
Class PackageUploadQueue Undocumented
Class PackageUpload A Queue item for the archive uploader.
Function get_properties_for_binary Undocumented
Class PackageUploadBuild A Queue item's related builds.
Class PackageUploadSource A Queue item's related sourcepackagereleases.
Class PackageUploadCustom A Queue item's related custom format uploads.
Class PackageUploadSet See IPackageUploadSet
Function prefill_packageupload_caches Undocumented
def debug(logger, msg):
Shorthand debug notation for publish() methods.
def validate_status(self, attr, value):
def get_properties_for_binary(bpr):
def prefill_packageupload_caches(uploads, puses, pubs, pucs):
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