l.s.m.p.PackageCopyJobDerived(BaseRunnableJob) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.soyuz.model.packagecopyjob.PlainPackageCopyJob

Abstract class for deriving from PackageCopyJob.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Class Method get Get a job by id.
Class Method iterReady Iterate through all ready PackageCopyJobs.
Method getOopsVars See IRunnableJob.
Method getOperationDescription See IPlainPackageCopyJob.
Method getErrorRecipients See IPlainPackageCopyJob.
Method copy_policy See PlainPackageCopyJob.

Inherited from BaseRunnableJob:

Method __eq__ Undocumented
Method __ne__ Undocumented
Method __lt__ Undocumented
Method getOopsRecipients Return a list of email-ids to notify about oopses.
Method getOopsMailController Return a MailController for notifying people about oopses.
Method getUserErrorMailController Return a MailController for notifying about user errors.
Method notifyOops Report this oops.
Method notifyUserError See IRunnableJob.
Method makeOopsReport Generate an OOPS report using the given OOPS configuration.
Method acquireLease Undocumented
Method taskId Return a task ID that gives a clue what this job is about.
Method runViaCelery Request that this job be run via celery.
Method getDBClass Undocumented
Method celeryCommitHook Hook function to call when a commit completes.
Method celeryRunOnCommit Configure transaction so that commit runs this job via Celery.
Method queue See IJob.

Inherited from BaseRunnableJobSource (via BaseRunnableJob):

Static Method contextManager Undocumented
def __init__(self, job):
def get(cls, job_id):
Get a job by id.
Returnsthe PackageCopyJob with the specified id, as the current PackageCopyJobDerived subclass.
RaisesNotFoundError if there is no job with the specified id, or its job_type does not match the desired subclass.
def iterReady(cls):
Iterate through all ready PackageCopyJobs.

Even though it's slower, we repeat the query each time in order that very long queues of mass syncs can be pre-empted by other jobs.

def getOopsVars(self):
See IRunnableJob.
def getOperationDescription(self):
See IPlainPackageCopyJob.
def getErrorRecipients(self):
See IPlainPackageCopyJob.
def copy_policy(self):
See PlainPackageCopyJob.
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