l.s.m.packagecloner : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.model

Logic for bulk copying of source/binary publishing history data.
Function clone_packages Copies packages from origin to destination package location.
Class PackageCloner Used for copying of various publishing history data across archives.
def clone_packages(origin, destination, distroarchseries_list=None):
Copies packages from origin to destination package location.

Binary packages are only copied for the `DistroArchSeries` pairs

This function is meant to simplify the utilization of the package
cloning functionality.

@type origin: PackageLocation
@param origin: the location from which packages are to be copied.
@type destination: PackageLocation
@param destination: the location to which the data is to be copied.
@type distroarchseries_list: list of pairs of (origin, destination)
    distroarchseries instances.
@param distroarchseries_list: the binary packages will be copied
    for the distroarchseries pairs specified (if any).
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