l.s.m.b.BinaryPackageBuildMacaroonIssuer(MacaroonIssuerBase) : class documentation

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Method checkIssuingContext See MacaroonIssuerBase.
Method checkVerificationContext See MacaroonIssuerBase.
Method verifyPrimaryCaveat See MacaroonIssuerBase.
Method _primary_caveat_name See MacaroonIssuerBase.

Inherited from MacaroonIssuerBase:

Method identifier See IMacaroonIssuer.
Method issueMacaroon See IMacaroonIssuer.
Method verifyMacaroon See IMacaroonIssuer.
Method _root_secret Undocumented
def _primary_caveat_name(self):
See MacaroonIssuerBase.
def checkIssuingContext(self, context, **kwargs):
See MacaroonIssuerBase.

For issuing, the context is an IBinaryPackageBuild.

def checkVerificationContext(self, context, **kwargs):
See MacaroonIssuerBase.
def verifyPrimaryCaveat(self, verified, caveat_value, context, user=None, **kwargs):
See MacaroonIssuerBase.

For verification, the context is an ILibraryFileAlias. We check that the file is one of those required to build the IBinaryPackageBuild that is the context of the macaroon, and that the context build is currently building.

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