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See IArchiveSubscriberSet.
Method getBySubscriber See IArchiveSubscriberSet.
Method getBySubscriberWithActiveToken See IArchiveSubscriberSet.
Method getByArchive See IArchiveSubscriberSet.
Method cancel See IArchiveSubscriberSet.
Method _getBySubscriber Return all the subscriptions for a person.
Method _getExprsForSubscriptionQueries Return the Storm expressions required for the parameters.
def _getBySubscriber(self, subscriber, archive, current_only, with_active_tokens):
Return all the subscriptions for a person.
ParameterssubscriberAn IPerson for whom to return all ArchiveSubscriber records.
archiveAn optional IArchive which restricts the results to that particular archive.
current_onlyWhether the result should only include current subscriptions (which is the default).
with_active_tokensIndicates whether the tokens for the given subscribers subscriptions should be included in the resultset. By default the tokens are not included in the resultset.
def getBySubscriber(self, subscriber, archive=None, current_only=True):
See IArchiveSubscriberSet.
def getBySubscriberWithActiveToken(self, subscriber, archive=None):
See IArchiveSubscriberSet.
def getByArchive(self, archive, current_only=True):
See IArchiveSubscriberSet.
def _getExprsForSubscriptionQueries(self, archive=None, current_only=True):
Return the Storm expressions required for the parameters.

Just to keep the code DRY.

def cancel(self, archive_subscriber_ids, cancelled_by):
See IArchiveSubscriberSet.
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