l.s.b.a.PersonArchiveSubscriptionView(LaunchpadView, SourcesListEntriesWidget) : class documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.browser.archivesubscription View In Hierarchy

Display a user's archive subscription and relevant info.

This includes the current sources.list entries (if the subscription has a current token), and the ability to generate and re-generate tokens.

Method label Return the label for the view's main heading.
Method initialize Process any posted actions.

Inherited from SourcesListEntriesWidget:

Method sources_list_entries Setup and return the sources list entries widget.
Method active_token Return the corresponding current token for this subscription.
Method archive_url Return an archive_url where available, or None.
Method has_sources Whether or not this PPA has any sources for the view.
def label(self):
Return the label for the view's main heading.
def initialize(self):
Process any posted actions.
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