l.s.b.a.ArchiveBuildsView(ArchiveViewBase, BuildRecordsView) : class documentation

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Build Records View for IArchive.
Method default_build_state See IBuildRecordsView.

Inherited from ArchiveViewBase:

Method initialize Undocumented
Method private Undocumented
Method repository_usage Return a dictionary with usage details of this repository.
Method archive_label Return either 'PPA' or 'Archive' as the label for archives.
Method build_counters Return a dict representation of the build counters.
Method dependencies Undocumented
Method show_dependencies Whether or not to present the archive-dependencies section.
Method has_disabled_dependencies Whether this archive has disabled archive dependencies or not.
Method package_copy_requests Return any package copy requests associated with this archive.
Method disabled_warning_message Return an appropriate message if the archive is disabled.

Inherited from SourcesListEntriesWidget (via ArchiveViewBase):

Method sources_list_entries Setup and return the sources list entries widget.
Method active_token Return the corresponding current token for this subscription.
Method archive_url Return an archive_url where available, or None.
Method has_sources Whether or not this PPA has any sources for the view.

Inherited from BuildRecordsView:

Method label Undocumented
Method setupBuildList Setup a batched build records list.
Method arch_tag Return the architecture tag from the request.
Method architecture_options Return the architecture options for the context.
Method show_builder_info Control the presentation of builder information.
Method show_arch_selector Control whether the architecture selector is presented.
Method search_name Control the presentation of search box.
Method form_submitted Undocumented
Method no_results Undocumented
Method _setupMappedStates Build self.state and self.availableStates structures.
def default_build_state(self):
See IBuildRecordsView.

Present NEEDSBUILD build records by default for PPAs.

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