l.s.w.t.test_dbpolicy : module documentation

Part of lp.services.webapp.tests

Tests for the DBPolicy.
Class ImplicitDatabasePolicyTestCase Tests for when there is no policy installed.
Class BaseDatabasePolicyTestCase Base tests for DatabasePolicy implementation.
Class SlaveDatabasePolicyTestCase Tests for the SlaveDatabasePolicy.
Class SlaveOnlyDatabasePolicyTestCase Tests for the SlaveDatabasePolicy.
Class MasterDatabasePolicyTestCase Tests for the MasterDatabasePolicy.
Class LaunchpadDatabasePolicyTestCase Fuller LaunchpadDatabasePolicy tests are in the page tests.
Class LayerDatabasePolicyTestCase No class docstring; 4/4 methods documented
Class MasterFallbackTestCase No class docstring; 5/6 methods documented
Class TestFastDowntimeRollout No class docstring; 2/6 methods documented
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