l.s.w.s.XMLRPCRequestPublicationFactory(VirtualHostRequestPublicationFactory) : class documentation

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A VirtualHostRequestPublicationFactory for XML-RPC.

This factory only accepts XML-RPC method calls.

Method __init__ Creates a new factory.
Method checkRequest See VirtualHostRequestPublicationFactory.

Inherited from VirtualHostRequestPublicationFactory:

Method canHandle See IRequestPublicationFactory.
Method __call__ See IRequestPublicationFactory.
Method getRequestAndPublicationFactories Return the request and publication factories to use.
Method getAcceptableMethods Return the HTTP methods acceptable in this particular environment.
def __init__(self, vhost_name, request_factory, publication_factory, port=None):
Creates a new factory.
Parametersvhost_nameThe config section defining the virtual host handled by this factory.
request_factoryThe request factory to use for this virtual host's requests.
publication_factoryThe publication factory to use for this virtual host's requests.
portThe port which is handled by this factory. If this is None, this factory will handle requests that originate on any port.
methodsA sequence of HTTP methods that this factory handles.
handle_default_hostWhether or not this factory is capable of handling requests that specify no hostname.
def checkRequest(self, environment):
See VirtualHostRequestPublicationFactory.

Accept only requests where the MIME type is text/xml.

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