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Publication used for requests that turn out to be protocol errors.
Method __init__ Prepare to construct a ProtocolErrorException
Method callObject Raise an approprate exception for this protocol error.

Inherited from LaunchpadBrowserPublication:

Method annotateTransaction See zope.app.publication.zopepublication.ZopePublication.
Method getDefaultTraversal Undocumented
Method getApplication Undocumented
Method beforeTraversal Undocumented
Method getPrincipal Return the authenticated principal for this request.
Method maybeRestrictToTeam Undocumented
Method getNonRestrictedURL Returns the non-restricted version of the request URL.
Method constructPageID Given a view, figure out what its page ID should be.
Method afterCall See zope.publisher.interfaces.IPublication.
Method finishReadOnlyRequest Hook called at the end of a read-only request.
Method callTraversalHooks We don't want to call _maybePlacefullyAuthenticate as does
Method afterTraversal See zope.publisher.interfaces.IPublication.
Method handleException Undocumented
Method beginErrorHandlingTransaction Hook for when a new view is started to handle an exception.
Method endRequest Undocumented
Method _maybePlacefullyAuthenticate This should never be called because we've excised it in
def __init__(self, status, headers):
Prepare to construct a ProtocolErrorException
ParametersstatusThe HTTP status to send
headersAny HTTP headers that should be sent.
def callObject(self, request, object):
Raise an approprate exception for this protocol error.
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