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Interface IAuthorizationsDirective Set up authorizations as given in a module.
Function authorizations Undocumented
Interface ISecuredUtilityDirective Configure a utility with security directives.
Class PermissionCollectingContext Undocumented
Class SecuredUtilityDirective Undocumented
Interface IURLDirective Say how to compute canonical urls.
Interface IGlueDirective ZCML glue to register some classes perform an action.
Interface IMenusDirective Hook up facets and menus.
Interface INavigationDirective Hook up traversal etc.
Interface IFeedsDirective Hook up feeds.
Interface IFaviconDirective Undocumented
Function menus Handler for the IMenusDirective.
Function feeds Handler for the IFeedsDirective.
Function navigation Handler for the INavigationDirective.
Class InterfaceInstanceDispatcher Dispatch getitem on names that appear in the interface to the instance.
Class TALESContextForInterfaceInstance Undocumented
Class CanonicalUrlDataBase Undocumented
Function url browser:url directive handler.
Class FaviconRendererBase Undocumented
Function favicon Undocumented
Interface IAssociatedWithAFacet A zcml schema for something that can be associated with a facet.
Interface IPageDirective Extended browser:page directive to have an extra 'facet' attribute.
Function page Like the standard 'page' directive, but with an added 'facet' optional
Interface IPagesPageSubdirective Extended complex browser:pages directive to have an extra 'facet'
Interface IPagesDirective Extend the complex browser:pages directive to have an extra 'facet'
Class pages Override the browser:pages directive to set a facet on it.
Interface IRenamedPageDirective Schema for the browser:renamed-page directive.
Function renamed_page Will provide a RedirectView that will redirect to the new_name.
Interface IGroupingFacet Grouping directive that just has a facet attribute.
Class GroupingFacet Grouping facet directive.
Interface ICallDirective Call the given callable.
Function call Undocumented
Class IDefineLaunchpadPermissionDirective Undocumented
Class ILaunchpadPermission Undocumented
Class LaunchpadPermission Undocumented
Function definePermission Undocumented
Function launchpadPublisher Undocumented
Function _isAuthorization Undocumented
def _isAuthorization(module_member):
def authorizations(_context, module):
def menus(_context, module, classes):
Handler for the IMenusDirective.
def feeds(_context, module, classes):
Handler for the IFeedsDirective.
def navigation(_context, module, classes, layer=IDefaultBrowserLayer):
Handler for the INavigationDirective.
def url(_context, for_, path_expression=None, urldata=None, attribute_to_parent=None, parent_utility=None, rootsite=None):
browser:url directive handler.
def favicon(_context, for_, file):
def page(_context, name, permission, for_, layer=IDefaultBrowserLayer, template=None, class_=None, allowed_interface=None, allowed_attributes=None, attribute='__call__', menu=None, title=None, facet=None):
Like the standard 'page' directive, but with an added 'facet' optional argument.

If a facet is specified, then it will be available from the view class as __launchpad_facetname__.

def renamed_page(_context, for_, name, new_name, layer=IDefaultBrowserLayer, rootsite=None):
Will provide a RedirectView that will redirect to the new_name.
def call(_context, callable):
def definePermission(_context, id, title, access_level='write', description=''):
def launchpadPublisher(_context, name, factory, methods='*', mimetypes='*', priority=None, vhost_name=None):
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